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Celebrating diversity in video games: from Afrofuturistic themes to leveraging blockchain technology.

Our Vision

Illuminia Studios Inc. is a digital entertainment company specializing in cross-play video games and video game economy (by harnessing the blockchain technology). Our vision is to develop entertainment products that promote non-mainstream themes (such as African Mythology), that are seamlessly accessible from all the major gaming platforms (Mobile, Consoles, PC, Tablets), and blur the line between gaming for fun and gaming for a living.


Follow our journey as we bring to life our first game: BOAA

With the development of BOAA we are taking an unorthodox approach to game development; dubbed “Open Development”. Instead of waiting to show the world a final and polished version, we have decided to showcase the development of the game as we make it.
Ever wondered about the mythic process behind the scene that makes your favorite games possible? Come along for the ride as we turn magic into science. The making of a game is as much a game as the playing of the game…


In the age of continuous multi-device usages, we at Illuminia Studios believe that, whenever possible, our products should be natively available cross-platform on the key platforms. To this effect, our products are available (or will soon be available) on the following platforms:  Mobile (Android and iOS), Tablet (Windows 10 UWP, Android, and iOS), PC (Steam, Windows 10 UWP) and Consoles (Xbox One)

blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network.

Why Blockchain?

From a consumer perspective, blockchain technology allows for (amongst many of it’s uses): true ownership of digital assets, transparent and open ledger, more control over ones privacy data (you identity information doesn’t need to reside on a central server for it to be verifiable and legitimate), decentralized virtual economy, and many more uses. The key ingredient in all these use cases is the absence of an authoritative entity. By eliminating the authoritative middle man, many of these use cases increase operation speeds and cost (such as financial transaction), and freedom of execution (such as verifying your identity without having to create an account for each organization you interact with).

From a development perspective, blockchain technology allows for (amongst many of its uses): reduced cost of scaling, expanded consumer reach without the need of a central authority, application development without the need to obtain and retain private user information (even more important as of late due to GPDR )  and many more uses. Developers can think of blockchain technology as Internet 2.0; a truly distributed network with a good balance between anonymity and verifiability.

Blockchain and Gaming

With the power of blockchain a new frontier in game development and gaming is upon us. From concrete digital ownership, to automated player driven economy, to new and engaging leaderboards, all the way to new e-sport engagement; the possibility that the blockchain technology offers to gamers and game development is immense and unprecedent.

At Illuminia Studios we aim to leverage this new technology to allow our players to experience the freedom of ownership and experimentation without the constrained of an authoritative center.

Join our decentralized gaming experience.

Why wait to share with the world you great ideas.

Be part of the journey

At Illuminia Studios we firmly believe in the concept of Open Development. Our ideal, is to be transparent with our users, and most importantly get the audience engaged from the get go, as early as the idea stage. By opening-up the development process and giving a continuous peek at the behind the scenes workings; players and the curious, get to witness, enjoy, appreciate and be part of a dynamic development process.


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