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BOAA Tech Demo Update 0.4.0 Press Release video

Illuminia Studios Inc. has released Update 0.4.0 of BOAA Tech Demo. This update enhances the graphics and gameplay of the 3 core game modes:  Progression Mode, Arcade Mode (Endless High Score) and Local Multiplayer (Xbox One and PC only). The Progression mode has been completely redesigned to offer 5 hand crafted levels, new Antagonists (Enemies) with AI, and a BOSS battle. The Arcade Mode has a new level design and an improved difficulty ramp-up. The Local Multiplayer benefits from a new level design and different Antagonists. Update 0.4.0 represents the last major update to the Tech Demo phase for BOAA , as it enters Alpha development for 2019. With Update 0.4.0, Illuminia Studios Inc. continues its “Open Development” approach to ...

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Illuminia Studios Is Officially Using EOS blockchain image

As the community awaits the official launch of EOS mainnet, we at Illuminia Studios are excited to announce that we will be adopting the EOS blockchain network as the platform of choice for our blockchain initiative. Over the past few months, we have been running internal experimental smart contracts on our local test net and are putting the final touches to our first blockchain smart contract for video game integration. We will soon introduce a blockchain powered Leaderboard with a community powered prize pool for our title BOAA (currently in the Tech Demo Phase). The EOS blockchain network, with its operating system style implementation, fast transaction per second, and a versatile smart contract system; offers a very complete, well rounded ...

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