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Release Notes – 0.3.0 image

Version 0.3.0 [July 9, 2018] Highlights New Stylized Game Look New Leaderboard (Powered By Play Fab) Daily (In-Game) Weekly (Leaderboard Menu) Added Player Level and Progress Players can now collect Dark Matter (Contributes towards score) Score Balancing Gameplay improvements Several bug fixes Known Issues [Task #897] – If log-in fails you must restart the game to login again Platforms Google Play Microsoft Store

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What is BOAA? image

Synopsis BOAA (acronym for: Bounty On An Asteroid) is a cross-platform, top-down, 2D action platformer (Tectonic Top-down Hopper). A Comedic Space Opera with an Afrofuturism theme set 3500 years into the future, the overall game premise follows the exploits of future bounty hunters who take on extremely risky and clandestine missions on behalf of Mega Corporations, corporations that don’t want to be seen as dealing in the grey and black markets. The Arcade Mode and Multiplayer mode lets you play as your own custom Bounty Hunter. The action takes place in battle arenas. These battle arenas are in fact organized tournaments that Mega Corporations use to scout the next best bounty hunters. It is also the future of entertainment sports, ...

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May Xbox Live Leaderboard Challenge Conclusion image

Our May Xbox Live Leaderboard Challenge just concluded on May 31st at 11:59. We had a very good turnout, and more gamers joined our Xbox Live Club: BOAA. The high scores were insane, and a good indicator of the acute skills of the top players. Overall our first Leaderboard Challenge outing was exciting and rewarding. We look forward to the new updates coming June and with it a new Leaderboard Challenge! Big shout-out to the top 10 players whom were rewarded with Xbox Live Gift Cards: $50 for First $25 for Second $15 for Third $10 for Fourth to Tenth. See you all in June for our next Leaderboard Challenge!

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Release Notes – 0.2.5 image

Version 0.2.5 [May 3, 2018] Highlights Added Leaderboard Added High Score Gameplay improvements Several bug fixes Crash fix for Windows 10 versions prior to version 14393 Known Issues In certain cases Green Sloths do not die when the Asteroid Pad goes off the Arena In certain cases the Player does not die when the Asteroid Pad goes off the Arena In certain cases the Player cannot fire their weapon Platforms Windows Store

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