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BOAA Tech Demo Update 0.4.0 Press Release video

Illuminia Studios Inc. has released Update 0.4.0 of BOAA Tech Demo. This update enhances the graphics and gameplay of the 3 core game modes:  Progression Mode, Arcade Mode (Endless High Score) and Local Multiplayer (Xbox One and PC only). The Progression mode has been completely redesigned to offer 5 hand crafted levels, new Antagonists (Enemies) with AI, and a BOSS battle. The Arcade Mode has a new level design and an improved difficulty ramp-up. The Local Multiplayer benefits from a new level design and different Antagonists. Update 0.4.0 represents the last major update to the Tech Demo phase for BOAA , as it enters Alpha development for 2019. With Update 0.4.0, Illuminia Studios Inc. continues its “Open Development” approach to ...

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