Version 0.4.0

[November 21, 2018]


  • Improved Game Modes
    • Progression Mode
      • New game flow and levels (5 distinct levels)
    • Arcade Endless Mode
      • New game flow and level
    • *Local Multiplayer (Xbox One and PC only)
      • New level
  • New Antagonist (Enemies) with AI
  • First BOSS Battle (Progression Mode)
  • Gameplay improvements
  • Several bug fixes

Known Issues

  • [Bug #1436] – On Certain Xbox Ones players are unable to login into the PlayFab server. This results in the player not being able to see or post the leaderboards. In Progression Mode the players progress is not saved.
  • [Bug #1344] – Space freeze : On rare occasions the player’s character will get locked in space and not be able to jump any more (they can still shoot)
    • Work Around: Return to the main menu by using the Back button (On Android) or the Change View button (Xbox One)


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