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Dreamers with a lamp

Bringing cultures from around the world into a melting pot

Technology is a tool, and we are the operators, in tandem we bring dreams to life.


Illuminia Studios Inc. seeks to bring diversity and new interconnected game mechanics by exploring themes that feature African mythology and Afrofuturism, and by harnessing the vast potential of next-gen tech, such as cloud computing and blockchain.

With an eclectic development team, we aim to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology and entertainment. Finding new ways to empower our audience is our mission; a shared passion between us and the public.


There are many stories to be told, and a plethora of ways to tell them. At Illuminia Studios Inc., we aim to tell our stories through video games. We will delve into atypical themes (such as Afrofuturism), explore unorthodox game mechanics (such as a top down platformer), leverage technological advancement (such as blockchain), in order to, not only tell profound stories, but build unique experiences for our players.

We want the players to be part of the creation process from the get go, with our Open Development methodology, the public at large gets to see first hand what it takes to create these experiences.

Meet Our Team

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