BOAA (acronym for: Bounty On An Asteroid) is a cross-platform, top-down, 2D action platformer (Tectonic Top-down Hopper). A Comedic Space Opera with an Afrofuturism theme set 3500 years into the future, the overall game premise follows the exploits of future bounty hunters who take on extremely risky and clandestine missions on behalf of Mega Corporations, corporations that don’t want to be seen as dealing in the grey and black markets.

The Arcade Mode and Multiplayer mode lets you play as your own custom Bounty Hunter. The action takes place in battle arenas. These battle arenas are in fact organized tournaments that Mega Corporations use to scout the next best bounty hunters. It is also the future of entertainment sports, having upended our modern day (circa 2000) sports events, several centuries prior (circa 3000). Participants in these battle arenas partake in the fray in order to acquire as much Bounty Matter as possible (the preferred means of monetary instrument amongst Bounty Hunters). In the real world these Bounty Matter are Cryptocurrency that players can use to acquire unique digitally signed game items (CryptoCollectables).

The Story Mode will let you play as Yaw Jatah, the OG Bounty Hunter (also known as Eden Prime), and his band of misfits. Through the Story mode, players will come to learn more about the game lore and how the Bounty Sport came to be. The story is one of Mythological Futurism (the art of projecting classic mythology into the future, with the magic of these fables scientified).

Regardless of the game mode players choose to play, there will always be relentless action, laughs, competition, and most importantly fun!

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics of BOAA is extremely simple: you can either jump or shoot (but not both at the same time). These very basic mechanics make it very easy for anyone to pick up the game and play, but the gameplay is highly tactical and challenging, thus requiring dedication to master.



BOAA is fully cross-platform and you can seamlessly and natively play it with either a Controller, Touch, Mouse or Keyboard.

Each control input is finely tuned to provide the same level of precision and engagement regardless of the platform on which you choose to play BOAA.

Game Structure

BOAA will offer the following game modes:

  • Single player Arcade Mode
    • The player plays on random arenas against AI enemies and Arena Bosses
    • High Score
      • The player plays an arena game until they lose all their lives. At the end of the round they get to see their high score and other statistics on the leaderboard
    • Time Attack
      • The player has X amount of time to score as many points as possible
    • Single player Story Mode
      • The player will follow the journey of Yaw Jatah and his entourage through 12 levels broken down into 4 acts
    • Co-op Story Mode
      • The players will follow the journey of Yaw Jatah and his entourage through 12 levels broken down into 4 acts. Up to 4 friends can play the Story Mode together, either locally or online
    • Online Arcade Mode
      • The player plays on random arenas against AI enemies and Arena bosses
      • In Online Arcade Mode, players play in parallel (that is, they all play the same level at the same time, but just as a single player).
      • The objective is to get the highest score within a given timeframe (usually 2 minutes)
      • Each game round starts every 3 minutes (from midnight around the clock)
    • Multiplayer Mode
      • Players get to play against each other in various game scenarios
        • Last man standing  (a Battle Royal style game mode, where the battle arena gets smaller and smaller until there is 1 person left. Each player only has one life)
        • High Score (the first player to reach a predefined high score wins)
        • Cross-fire (Players battle one another whilst fending off AI enemy onslaught)
      • Up to 4 players can play multiplayer modes

Blockchain Tech


CryptoCollectables is the means by which players retain ownership of their in-game items (such as avatars, skins, props etc…).

This is a key tenant to the meta word of BOAA. Instead of the traditional approach of storing player properties in dedicated servers using traditional databases systems (either SQL or NOSQL), player assets will be stored locally on their side (in the form of a digital wallet) and interconnected via the blockchain network. Using the principles of blockchain, players are now fully in possession of their digital assets. The blockchain technology, most importantly, allows for unique and verifiable ownership of a player asset. This opens the possibility of a varied and scalable player economy, asset manipulation and player interaction.

The concept of asset ownership is already a staple in the video game ecosystem (skins, avatars, consumables, DLCs, etc.). What has been missing is true player ownership. The concept of CryptoCollectables blurs the line between digital ownership and physical ownership, as we now have a solution to represent unique immutable and verifiable ownership (just like in the physical world).


CryptoTokens is the means by which players can acquire and exchange CryptoCollectables.

Virtual currency is now a de facto feature in almost any game that has an online component.

CryptoTokens brings the following features to a game world economy (which have so for been missing from current implementation of virtual currencies) are:

  • The hardness of the currency
    • Once a currency comes into existence, it can’t simply be deleted on a backend server, it exists perpetually like a physical currency.
    • The currency is not bound by the existence of the developers nor the product; instead it is directly tied to community’s interest and desire to trade and barter.
  • The extended liquidity of the currency
    • Having a decentralized currency allows for an extended liquidity, especially from the player’s perspective. The player is not bound by a one-way transaction of their assets (player – to – developer, developer – to – player). Instead they are free to exchange the currency amongst themselves (player – to – player), whilst still maintaining the integrity of the world economy

Blockchain Network

To make possible CryptoCollectables and CryptoTokens, we will be using EOS network as our blockchain network platform of choice. EOS uses a Delegated Proof-of-stake algorithm. This type of blockchain algorithm nullifies the need for mining. Using EOS allows us to build our smart contracts atop a reliable, maintained and tested network.

Using the EOS platform allows the end user (the players) to always be passive actors in the blockchain network; meaning that they don’t need to partake in the processes of distributed consensus (the process of validating the integrity and creating blocks in the blockchain network, also known as mining). This allows the client facing portion of the game (the actual playable portion that runs on consoles, PCs, Smart Phones and tables) to run on even the most modest hardware (ex: smart phones with limited processing abilities).


More details and updates are coming to the Official BOAA Website.

Find out what features are currently available: BOAA Features


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